Rabu, 15 Mac 2017

Woman Who WOWS Me

Every woman would want happiness and love in her life. Feel loved and get support to move forward, independent, and glorious for having her life even though no man by her side. Because women are supposed to be great. They will raise and educate the next generation of the world.

People's perception that women are weak creatures. This opinion is not entirely wrong. However, now that women are proven to be strong and independent, can lead, and do the great things that they deserve. Without forgetting the energy further as women.

Determined to become a mother, does not mean a woman can not do the things that they's dream. A woman must have high dreams and try to make it happen. If you can make it happen, we will be an example and inspiration for the future of our children. Give examples with big dreams to children who are raised and educated by us shall be the ones who have great dreams anyway.

Maternal instinct of a loving mother would always stay close relationship between mother and child. Naturally a child will feel close and connected to the people who gave birth to her anyway.

My mum inspired me so much. Mom is my best friend in the world and always there in my dictionary. Woman who WOWS my life is my mum. She's always there to motivate me and has been a shoulder to cry on. I can't put in words how appreciative I am for her presence or that she's always willing to drive through two states to be there for her daughter. I love my mom very much forever and ever. May God always gives happiness for mom and bless every step of the way of life. Aminn ..


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