Selasa, 2 Februari 2016

Lightening McQueen

Red craft paint
Black spray paint
Small cardboard box
Paper bowl
4 large caps (I used Minute Maid Orange Juice lids)
Craft paper-white, yellow

1.  Cut the paper bowl into 3 parts. Remove the center part and tape the two remaining pieces together to make the roof. Draw the outline of Lightening McQueen’s eyes, then paint the roof red being careful not to paint his eyes.

2.  Spray paint the lids black to make the tires and set them out to dry. Draw two number 95’s in bubble letters and cut them out. Wrap the cardboard box in white paper and draw Lightening McQueen’s mouth and headlights on the front of the box. Carefully paint the box red being careful not to paint his face.
3.  Once all the pieces are dry put Lightening McQueen together by taping the roof of the car onto the box and using hot glue to glue on the lid tires.



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